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Dear Homeseller,
Are you one of the 1000?s of San Diego County homeowners who needs to sell, but owes more on your home than it’s worth?
Are you wondering what your options are in dealing with your lender?
Hi, I’m Farid Khayamian working as a team with my wife Peggy khayamian. I’ve been one of the top selling agents in San Diego County since 2007.
I have some good news for you.

Through a process called a Real Estate Short Sale, I can help you:

I know because I have helped 100?s of homeowners do exactly this just within the past 3 years!.
We are also experts at initiating and closing HAFA short sales, and can tell you whether you will qualify for the government sponsored HAFA short sale program.
HAFA short sales move faster than regular short sales, prevent the lender from pursuing any deficiency judgement against the seller and pay the seller $3,000 at close of escrow, so be sure to ask about this program when you call (see below).
Remember, you only get one shot at a short sale. If your agent is inexperienced, disorganized or simply drops the ball, your chances of doing a successful short sale are ruined.
In fact, my team (Bluxen) and I have negotiated more successful Short Sales over the past 3 years than virtually any other agent in San Diego County!
So don’t take chances. Take a look at the “Short Sale FAQ’s” on main page top right!
For more information, and a FREE, no obligation, over-the-phone or personal consultation about your unique situation, call me at (858) 535-0000
The HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Assistance) initially announced on May 14, 2009, with guidance and standard forms issued on November 30, 2009. This program enables a borrower the ability to avoid a foreclosure by completing a short sale under HAFA.

Benefits of HAFA:

There’s a reason that I outsell the average realtor by more than most & have a higher reviews on short sales than any other San Diego County agent. Call me today and find out why
Bluxen Team

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