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I’m not sure if you can assist me but I would like to know how I can go about obtaining a real estate license.

Call up the biggest real estate office in your town, ask for a manager, and they will know the answer to your question. They almost always have a program to get you licensed, hoping you will come to work for them once you do. However, once you get licensed, you can always work for anyone you want to.

I am interested in finding out where I can take practice exams before I take the real estate sales exam.

There are real estate training schools all over the place, and you will probably find one nearby in the yellow pages of your phone book. You could also call the largest real estate office in your area, speak to a manager and ask for their recommendation. Not only do these schools have sample tests, but the tests quite often have the actual questions from the exam. They can provide the tests in written format or on CD-ROM.

Where can I find free information on how to become successful in real estate? Business things I need to know, etc.?

Real Estate Training is a huge industry and most like to offer only basic information for free and charge for more details. However, you can get free information all over the web and you can buy books at the local bookstore (or in our online bookstore). The best thing is to know as much as possible, then learn sales techniques that will help you serve clients better. On our site, there are lots of links to other websites that provide information about real estate, too (click here). The only “real” way to become successful is to put in time actually doing it and gain some experience. There is no teacher like “on the job” training.

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